Ducati Motorcycles Barnet

After opening in 1987 and subsequently spending the best part of 25 years under the Honda banner, the Barnet branch of Metropolis Motorcycles officially became a Ducati dealer at the very start of 2013. The sign outside may be temporary, but the change is permanent. At the end of 2012 Metropolis were able to acquire the lease on the carpet shop next door, doubling their available showroom space. In a wise move, the main and original showroom has been converted into a bespoke Ducati sales area, now featuring a Scrambler and used bike showroom. 

There is no getting away from it, this dealership is small, but this is where its strength lies. With only two full-time employees permanently based in Barnet, Mike Phipps the Sales Manager and Artur Wieleba the chief technician, the customers are guaranteed a unique, personal level of service.

Artur, who, after working on friends bikes for years, became a professional mechanic in 1998, emigrated from Lublin in Poland in 2005. The big Pole has amassed a broad and detailed knowledge of bikes from a range of manufacturers after working for several different dealerships. Already qualified as a Silver Honda Diagnostics Technician, he has been to Italy numerous times to ensure there are no gaps in his Ducati knowledge and when asked, he told me his aim was to achieve the accolade of Master Technician.

Bringing nearly 17 years experience with him, Mike cemented his knowledge and reputation working for several dealerships across Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire before coming to Barnet in 2007. It was he who has been instrumental in driving the change of brand from Honda to Ducati. Fearing he was in danger of losing his passion for a role in which he excels, Mike has been campaigning since 2010 to have Ducati branded over the letterhead.

So apart from the unique personal experience, what can Metropolis Ducati offer the Ducatisti? Well, pretty much anything you need. We hold the latest Ducati Diagnostic equipment and specialise in Rexxer Remapping for those who want to take their bikes to the next level. Over the next few months, the dealership will also be increasing the number of official parts they hold on site. This will include a range of Ducati apparel and the additional of premium products from Rizoma and Metal Tech Racing, who used to supply parts to Troy Bayliss. If they don’t have a particular bolt or bracket in stock, the well-established supply chain means they can have it for you in a couple of days. 

Want some advice, a test ride, or a particular brand of tyres? No problem.

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