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How to Protect Your Motorcycle This Winter

Road users have been urged to take care, as forecasters have warned that there will be continued snow flurries and icy spats over the next two days, meaning driving and riding conditions could be made more hazardous by freezing fog.

Snow showers are expected to continue falling along Britain’s east coast as far south as East Anglia, with “the chance of isolated snow showers north of the Humber” tomorrow, the Met Office has warned.

A yellow Met Office weather warning is still in place along Britain’s eastern seaboard, which highlights the risk posed by ice on untreated road and pavements, which is why motorists need to beware. By tomorrow night, London is forecast to be below freezing, creating a greater a chance of freezing fog.

As temperatures are forecast to remain bitterly cold, it’s absolutely vital that you’re wearing the correct motorcycle gear designed to keep you both warm and safe. If you are heading out on two wheels over the course of the next couple of days then ensure you’re wearing plenty of thermals and you’re completely shielded from cold gusts of wind. This is extremely important as being cold can affect your concentration and distract you from the road.

Riders are also being warned to take care through areas of freezing fog, as they “could have problems with visibility.” Keep a pair of yellow glasses at hand so that you can pop them on when riding through foggy conditions. Yellow glasses can help road visibility during fog, more so than if you weren’t wearing them at all.

If you approach thick fog then shave off your speed and use your mirrors even more than you normally would; you may not have noticed the vehicle that is quickly approaching behind you.

It’s also common for moisture to form on your visor when riding through fog try to opt for gloves with chamois; this way you can wipe away the moisture when it gets too much.

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