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Payment options

We offer the following finance option on this model:

Personal loan (VPL)

This works like a simple loan. You decide on the model and put down a deposit. We calculate for you how much you want your fixed monthly payment to be, and the term. That means you know up front how much your Honda will cost each month until it’s paid off and you own the bike.

VISION 50 CBS (VPL) – Representative Example

OTR Price £1,899.00
Deposit £99.00
Amount of credit £1,800.00
36 monthly payments (duration 36 months) £55.33
Total amount payable £2,090.88
Representative APR 6.9% APR
Interest rate per annum fixed 6.70%

Model overview

The Vision 50 has been created to offer reliable, fun mobility at an attractively low price. As a machine intended for daily use by a huge range of customers, qualities such as durability, dependability, safety and ease of use were considered vitally important during development. With a reliable and efficient fuel-injected engine, a stable and easy to ride chassis, the advanced safety ofHonda’s Combined Braking System (CBS) and extensive storage space, the Vision 50 represents a smart and reassuring option in the 50cc scooter market.

Central to the Vision 50’s strong performance and superb fuel economy is its single-cylinder four-stroke engine.The machine can offer figures of up to146.9mpg in normal use, giving a range of over 177 miles from the 5.5-litre fuel tank. Such a generous fuel range contributes to the machine’s convenience and ease of use, as do the large internal storage space, electric start function, stylish instrument display and ergonomically refined seating positions for both rider and passenger.

Despite its advanced specification, the scooter has been designed to be affordable by a wide range of customers. Honda’s purchasing strategy allows it to use the most appropriate suppliers throughout the world; two machines were also developed in tandem – the Vision 50 and the more powerfulVision 110. As a result both scooters balance low cost with high quality.

The Vision 50 builds on a proud heritage. The first Honda scooter, the 1954 Juno K, featured a range of advanced technology and materials, and was followed four years later by the revolutionary four-stroke Super Cub. With more than 60 million manufactured worldwide, the Super Cub is the best-selling motor vehicle in history.

Key features

Convenient four-stroke power

The tough four-stroke engine with PGM-FI fuel injection and electric start offers reliability, ease of use and fuel efficiency.


Practical and stylish

The sleek, attractive body design offers comfortable seating for two, a generous storage compartment under the seat and a large 5.5-litre fuel tank, which can offer a range of over 177 miles between fill-ups.

Combined Braking System 

The Vision 50 boasts Honda’s Combined Braking System (CBS) on its 14” wheels, which links the front and rear brakes to provide swift, stable braking regardless of rider experience or road conditions.

Model details

Reliable four-stroke technology

Honda’s long expertise in four stroke technology has been used to design a 50cc single-cylinder engine that deliversboth efficiency and performance, with minimal harmful emissions. The unit is also lightweight and compact, meaning the chassis and body of the scooter could be designed without compromise. The Vision 50’s smooth and refined power deliveryis strong enough for the rider to feel secure and confident in traffic, with minimal noise and vibration.

Fuel-efficient, low emissions 

By choosing air-cooling for the single-cylinder engine, the weight and complexity of radiators and a coolant pump have been eliminated, while the four-stroke technology offers efficiency, ease of use and impressive quietness.A focus on friction reduction, combined with Programmed Fuel Injection System (PGM-FI) has yielded outstanding efficiency for a typical fuel consumption figure of 146.9mpg.

Practical styling

Strong, dynamic lines give the Vision 50 a sleek, contemporary style with unmistakable visual links toother, more expensive scooters in Honda’s range. The integrated taillight and rear indicators give the rear of the machine a smart, cohesive appearance.


Thanks to its flat inner floor and relatively long wheelbase, the Vision 50 has plenty of space for rider and passenger, ensuring comfort even on longer rides, while the movable front fender, which turns with the front wheel, is very effective at shielding the machine and rider from road dirt, andrainwater.The strong headlight and indicators give the Vision 50 good visibility at night and in poor weather conditions.

Ergonomic Design

Balanced riding position

The Vision 50 has been designed to be very comfortable for both rider and passenger, giving plenty of legroom while also making the scooter quick to mount and dismount. Both rider and passenger have room enough to be comfortable, but the Vision 50’s compact dimensions also give it a reassuring agility on busy city streets. The slim body of the machine means the rider can easily put his or her foot down when required.

A two-wheeler anyone can ride 

The Vision 50 has been engineered to handle intuitively, and to be as easy as possible to ride. The handlebars have been carefully positioned to give the rider a feeling of confident control. Together with the chassis geometry and very low overall kerb weight of just 100kg, the result is a scooter that is easy to handle in all road conditions, with or without a passenger.

Extensive storage capacity

Careful packaging design has created a space beneath the seat large enough for shopping, a waterproof over-suit, security locks or a full-face crash helmet. Since this area is accessed using the key to unlock and lift the seat, anything left in it is secure while the machine is parked in a public area. Meticulous engineering has enabled this space to be maximised without compromising the size of the fuel tank and therefore the range of the machine.

A shopping hook is provided on the leg shield, which features two open compartments, ideal for storing drinks bottles, and affords rider and passenger a good level of wind and weather protection. Helmet holders on both sides of the internal storage compartment allow helmets to be secured to the machine while leaving the compartment free to store luggage. An aluminium rear rack has also been fitted, ready to mount an optional top box, while retractable pillion steps give the passenger security when required.

Rugged frame and suspension

The Vision 50 uses a steel tube frame. The design is compact and lightweight but also delivers the rigidity so critical to confidence-inspiring handling. The front suspension comprises telescopic forks with hydraulic damping, ensuring a smooth ride on even the roughest roads.

Premium braking system

For a small-capacity scooter the Vision 50 offers high levels of safety thanks to its 220mm hydraulic disc front brake and advanced Combined Braking System (CBS). The front and rear brakes of scooters are usually independent, requiring riders to split their braking effort between the two to ensure strong deceleration. However, in an emergency braking scenario this can be difficult, even for experienced riders. Honda’s CBS system links the left brake lever to bothfront and rear brakes, giving strong, secure stopping in all conditions. The right brake lever controls the front brake independently of the rear.


Engine Type: Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC 2v single

Displacement: 49cc

Bore x Stroke: 37.8 x 44mm

Compression Ratio: 10.1

Max. Power Output: 2.5kW/ 7000min-1 (95/1/EC)

Max. Torque: 3.5 Nm/ 6750min-1 (95/1/EC)

Idling speed: 1900 min-1

Oil capacity: 0.8litres

Carburation: PGM-FI electronic fuel injection

Throttle Bore: 19mm

Air-cleaner capacity: 3.0 litres

Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.5 litres

Fuel Consumption: 52km/l (146.9mpg) at 30km/h (18.6mph)

Ignition System: Full-transistor battery ignition

Ignition Timing: 15° BTDC (idle) ~ 50° BTDC (7,500min-1)

Sparkplug Type: NGK CR7HSA-9

Starter: Electric

Battery Capacity: 12V-6Ah

ACG Output: 12V-11.9A/5000min-1

Headlights: 35 / 35W

Clutch: Dry-type, multi-plate shoe

Transmission Type: Continuously variable (V-Matic)

Transmission gear ratio: 2.93~1.01

Primary Reduction: 4.07

Final Drive: V-Belt

Reduction gear ratio: 4.07/3.92
Frame Type: Underbone; steel tube

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1882mm×670mm×1117mm

Wheelbase: 1284mm

Caster Angle: 27°

Trail: 110mm

Turning Radius: 1.94m

Seat Height: 785mm

Ground Clearance: 144mm

Kerb Weight: 100kg (F: 40kg; R: 60kg)

Front suspension: Telescopic forks with hydraulic damping

Rear suspension: Unit swingarm

Front wheel: cast aluminium

Rear wheel: cast aluminium

Front tyre: 80/90-14

Rear tyre: 90/90-14

Front brake: 220mm hydraulic disc
Rear brake: 130mm drum

All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.

Model:Vision 50
Colour:Pearl White, Boss Grey Metallic, Candy Lucid Red, Pearl Procyon Black

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