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American-style custom cruisers have a strong appeal for European riders. As well as a low seat height and easy riding style, they come with a rebellious attitude and a style that sets their owners apart from the crowd. The Honda Custom range comes with extra-low seats, sensational V-twin engines and clean, maintenance-free drive shafts. Our cruisers are built for laid-back, easy riding. Featuring authentic styling, they are also extremely good value to own and run, inspiring all kinds of riders, from entry-level to seasoned bikers, to take to the open road.

In 2007 we launched the popular VT750C2 Shadow. Based on the VT750 Shadow, it took similar design cues from classic cruiser tradition. However, the VT750C2 Shadow took the concept a step further with more traditional street rod styling, a leaner, meaner profile and a riding position that submerged the rider deep down in the bike for a full experience of the engine’s power. A new PGM-FI fuel injection system intensified the ride while improving fuel efficiency and emissions, and a large 17″ front wheel gave it an unmistakable presence on the street.

In 2010 Honda proudly introduced the VT750C2B, an intense variation on the Shadow Spirit theme with authentic bobber styling and a pure, minimalistic spirit. In one basic colour, its bold character made its beefy performance and easy ownership all the more pleasurable. In 2012 a new matt black metallic version reaffirms its distinctive styling and street presence.

Development concept

The VT750C2B is based around a low, triangular profile that places the rider in the middle of the ride, and is accentuated with exclusive styling details. Proven technologies ease handling and usability, and deliver a highly involving yet relaxed ride. The fuel injection system is tuned for smooth, responsive control, allowing riders to enjoy the engine’s power. The maintenance-free shaft drive and reliable liquid-cooled engine mean stress-free ownership.

Riding the VT750C2B is a stirring experience, and its aggressive attitude and streetwise confidence create their own authority on the street.

V-twin power

The power at the heart of the VT750C2B is supplied by the same 750cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected engine used in the VT750C2 Shadow. Its delivery is tuned for deep, rumbling pulses of power and torque. Accessibility and dependability are also essential to the VT750C2B experience, and the fuel injection system has been developed for quick throttle response and maximum fuel economy.

Pure attitude

For its design inspiration the VT750C2B went back to its custom roots. Its clipped rear fender, triangulated profile and thumping engine acknowledge a heritage that reaches back for decades.


Smart, clean and sporty

To true custom bike aficionados, style is important and any lapse in attention to detail is unforgivable. The VT750C2B is a perfectly turned-out celebration of an iconic style and culture. From its bobbed tail to its assertive front wheel, every contour is carefully styled. Its bold, kicked-out forks and raised handlebars provide the point of focus from which it leans back into a long, tapered tank.

The instrument panel is placed on top of the tank. It features a large, easily readable speedometer dial, a compact assembly of practical gauges and indicator lights and an eye-catching silver-painted cover. The seat is easily the lowest in the 750cc cruiser class and creates a deep riding position that allows an easy reach to the grips and a laid-back cruiser feel.

Colouring Concept

- Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic


The liquid-cooled 52° V-twin engine powering the VT750C2B is a time-proven standard of Honda excellence, essentially the same configuration that provides strong, dependable power to all our 750cc V-twin cruisers. Its compact shape allows the frame’s central backbone to be lowered, facilitating the cruiser’s long-and-low profile. The engine features a long-stroke, single-pin crankshaft configuration and optimal mass to enhance the feel of its low rpm torque peak. Efficient combustion and instant power thrusts are provided by SOHC three-valve cylinder heads with dual spark plugs, while close-ratio transmission delivers strong, exhilarating acceleration from anywhere in the engine’s power range. The sensation of strong, direct power delivery to the rear wheel is down to the machine’s enclosed shaft final drive. Requiring only minimal maintenance, the shaft drive operates smoothly and quietly while enhancing the feel of the engine’s power.

 Programmed Fuel Injection

The VT750C2B is equipped with a highly developed Honda PGM-FI fuel injection system, featuring an idle air control valve which precisely controls incoming air for smooth idling operation. The system ensures easy starting, instant throttle response and smooth, satisfying thrusts of acceleration. With accurate fuel flow monitoring, efficiency is also optimised, keeping both emissions and fuel consumption low.

 Hard-working exhaust system

The impressive chrome-plated dual shotgun exhaust pipes that accentuate the length of the VT750C2B chassis are more than just a visual accent on its street rod styling. They also pump out an exhilarating sound that combines with the throbbing feel of the engine to create an exciting ride sensation.

Each exhaust pipe is fitted with an oxygen sensor that feeds data to the fuel injection system’s ECU and a HECS3 (Honda Evolutional Catalyser System) low emissions system. This strictly regulates exhaust gases while still maintaining the engine’s capable performance and thrilling sound.


The engine’s power is contained in a slim, lightweight and rigid double-cradle steel frame that is both responsive and easy to handle. A large-diameter single tube backbone and pressed steel pivot plates combine in a low overall chassis height, allowing for low tank and seat positioning. The seat rails and chopped rear fender are supported by a cast sub-frame. The frame design is an important contributor to the sensational ride quality, transmitting enough primary vibration to maximise enjoyment of the engine’s performance without allowing it to become uncomfortable.

 Suspension, wheels and brakes

The extended 41mm front fork and 17″ front wheel create a remarkably responsive and comfortable package. On the left side, the shaft drive is integrated with the swingarm adding to the clean and simple look. The exposed rear shock absorbers are tilted forward, providing progressive damping and a comfortable ride with precise control. A fat 160mm rear tyre emphasises the sporty custom styling as well as adding to comfort. The powerful brakes perform with smooth efficiency. A large-diameter 296mm front disc with a responsive dual-piston caliper is paired with a conventional 180mm leading/trailing drum brake at the rear.


Honda Ignition Security System (HISS)

The VT750C2B is equipped with the Honda Ignition Security System (HISS). This disables the engine at the heart of its digital ignition system, allowing ignition only with one of its two original keys and preventing starting by hot-wiring. An LED indicator on the instrument panel warns off potential thieves.


Engine type: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 6-valve SOHC 52° V-twin

Displacement: 745cm3

Bore ´ Stroke: 79 ´ 76mm

Compression Ratio: 9.6 : 1

Max. Power Output: 33.5kW/5,500min-1  (95/1/EC)

Max. Torque: 65Nm/3,500min-1  (95/1/EC)

Idling Speed: 1,200min-1

Oil Capacity: 3.2 litres

Carburation: PGM-FI electronic fuel injection with automatic choke

Throttle Bore: 34mm

Air cleaner: Viscous, cartridge-type mesh net filter

Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.6 litres  (including 3.5-litre reserve)

Fuel Consumption: 23.3 km/l (65.8mpg) (WMTC Mode #)

Ignition System: Fully transistorised electronic

Ignition Timing: 8° BTDC (idle) ~ 50° BTDC (5,500min-1)

Sparkplug Type:  DPR7EA-9 (NGK); X22EPR-U9 (DENSO)

Starter: Electric

Battery Capacity: 12V/11.2AH

ACG Output: 399W

Headlight: 12V 55W ´ 1 (low) / 60W ´ 1 (high)

Clutch: Wet, multiplate with coil springs

Clutch Operation: Mechanical; cable-actuated

Transmission Type: 5-speed

Final Drive: Enclosed shaft

Frame Type: Double-cradle; steel tube

Dimensions: (L´W´H)     2,395 ´ 835 ´ 1,089mm

Wheelbase: 1,639mm

Caster Angle: 34°

Trail: 158mm

Turning Radius: 3.4m

Seat Height: 650mm

Ground Clearance: 133mm

Kerb Weight: 251kg  (F: 116kg; R: 135kg)

Maximum Carrying Capacity: 191kg

Loaded Weight: 442kg

Front suspension:  41mm telescopic fork, 117mm axle travel

Rear suspension: Dual conventional dampers with 5-step adjustable spring preload, 90mm axle travel

 Front wheel:  Black painted steel rim/wire spoke

Rear wheel: Black painted rim/wire spoke

Front tyre: 120/90–17M/C 64S

Rear tyre: 160/80–15M/C 74S

Front brake: 296 ´ 6mm hydraulic disc with dual-piston caliper and sintered metal pads

Rear brake: 180mm leading/trailing drum

All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.

# Please note that the figures provided are results obtained by Honda under standardised testing conditions prescribed by WMTC(world motorcycle test). Tests are conducted on a rolling road using a standard version of the vehicle with only one rider and no additional optional equipment. Actual fuel consumption may vary depending on how you ride, how you maintain your vehicle, weather, road conditions, tire pressure, installation of accessories, cargo, rider and passenger weight, and other factors.




Colour:Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic

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