Suzuki Motorcycles London

Suzuki are another Japanese manufacturer but with a twist; Speed. At the core of every Suzuki motorcycle is an engine developed with a core philosophy based around the idea of speed. Whatever it takes, the engineers at Suzuki manage to bleed an extra drip of power for each machine to leave their factory. From the Tyres to the Fairings, each part is revisited until it's perfect. The GSX-R for example, a motorcycle line-up that's been revised and repeated to perfection, each new addition brings features from user feedback to create the ultimatum; the perfect Supersport.

We personally love the GSX-R600, it gives riders that lightweight feel of a clean sports bike, with the growl inside to devour any road, from the track to the twisties you can carve adrenaline from the experience. For those looking for something more relaxed, we recommend the comfortable V-Strom 650XT, it's soft and adaptable for any ride, but it's got a sharp look to suit your tastes. With the ability to kit it out with accessories too, you can really customise this bike.