Advanced Motorcycle Training

Taking our Advanced Rider Training course will help you become a better rider, no matter what bike you ride. Being a better rider means you’ll get much more out of your riding experiences, as well as being safer on the road. Make sure you’re in control, not the bike!
In addition to improving your motorcycle skills and ability, the Advanced Rider Course also offers to following benefits:

  • Advanced riders are less likely to be involved in a motorcycle related incident.
  • Completing the Advanced Rider course will lower your insurance premiums!
  • An advanced rider will typically have reduced fuel consumption.
  • Take pleasure in a stress free riding experience.

Riding should be about enjoyment and skill. Taking the Advanced Rider Course will allow you to become a safer and more knowledgeable rider, and ensure you are up to date with the latest machines and legislation.

Our expert training school offers the very best advice and guidance, helping you to achieve your true riding potential. Our experienced tutors will help you to improve your riding skills and ability in a safe training environment.

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