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CBT Metropolis Motorcycles
CBT Metropolis Motorcycles

The CBT training course teaches aspiring riders how to ride to a basic level, and usually must be taken before you can take a moped or motorbike to the road. The course can be completed on automatic scooters or manual motorcycles - and Metropolis Training can provide you with either type of machine along with a helmet and waterproofs to give you the best chance of success when you book a CBT test in London.

The course covers a wide range of topics over five elements. There is some theory but it is mainly practical lessons:

  1. Introduction
  2. Practical on site training
  3. Practical on site riding
  4. Practical on-road training
  5. Practical on-road riding

The CBT is initially conducted in a safe off-road environment, before you finally take the training onto the road. There is no pass or fail with CBT as this is a training course and not a test.

After the completion you will be able to ride a moped (if 16 or over) and/or a motorcycle up to 125cc and with a power output of up to 11kW if you’re 17 or over. You then have two years to take your full moped or motorcycle CBT test. There are various exclusions to taking your CBT training, which can be found here.

Metropolis Training runs CBT courses 7 days a week. Registration is at 8:30am and the course ends at approximately 4.30pm.

Monday – Friday £120.00 including the use of a bike or scooter.
Saturday – Sunday £140.00 including the use of a bike or scooter

Damage waiver is available for £10 per day

Preparing for your Compulsory Basic Training

This short, online course will help prepare you for your Compulsory Basic Training and give you the best chance of successfully completing it. You’ll gain a valuable grounding in the Highway Code and how to ride safely in the city. You will be expected to have knowledge of these areas when you attend your CBT. Please click here and log in as a guest user to begin.