ERS Enhanced Rider Scheme

Training Enhanced Rider Scheme
Training Enhanced Rider Scheme

Improve your riding skills and reduce your insurance premiums with ERS training at Metropolis Training

The Enhanced Rider Scheme is designed to be of benefit to all riders with a full motorcycle licence no matter how long you’ve been riding and no matter what size of motorcycle you ride.  If you haven’t been riding long it will take you beyond the basic skills, reduce risk, improve your levels of skill and safety, as well as make your riding even more enjoyable.  If you’ve been riding for a while it can either confirm that you’re a good rider or identify areas where you might have acquired a few bad habits and areas where you can improve even more.

We start with an assessment ride where we want to see how you’re riding at the moment.  If you have no significant areas of weakness we will issue you with a DSA Certificate of Competence – Enhanced Rider Bonus. Alternatively, if we identify aspects of your riding that would benefit from some additional training then we will tailor a programme to suite your individual needs.  Once you’ve successfully completed the training we can issue the DSA Certificate of Competence.

You are then entitled to insurance discounts from one of the many insurers who have signed up to support the scheme. It’s a brilliant way of making savings on the annual costs of running your bike while improving your safety and enjoyment of riding.

The Enhanced Rider Scheme has been set up by and is monitored by the Driving Standards Agency.  Our instructors are DSA approved so you can be assured of quality training and standards of service.

FINALLY: taking this course could reduce your insurance premiums by 10%. Now that’s a result!

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