Restriced Licence Category A1

Restricted Licence Category
Restricted Licence Category

This type of licence will restrict you to ride up to a maximum of 125cc (14.6 BHP)

You must complete a CBT, a motorcycle theory test and take a practical test comprising of two modules, Module 1 (the practical test) and Module 2 (the road ride). Module 1 can be taken as either a 2 or 3 day course and Module 2 as a 1 or 2 day course depending on experience.

Module 1: 2 Day Course (You will need to be an experienced rider on a geared bike or Automatic)
Both days will be on a 125cc bike:

Day 1: practical onsite training (am)
Day 1: practical on-road training (pm)
Day 2: the test takes place on day 2 Metropolis Training conducts 2 day Direct Access Module 1 courses run on Sunday/Monday, Thursday/Friday or Saturday/Sunday

Cost: £280.00 Restricted or Automatic licence, including bike hire and test fee
Please note: If you fail the Module 1 test you must wait 3 clear working days for a re-test.

Module 1: 3 Day Course (for those with little or no experience of motorcycles)
3 days will be spent on a 125cc machine.  The Module 1 test takes place on day 3
Cost: £380.00 including bike hire and Module 1 test Fee. Most courses run Saturday Sunday with the test on the Monday.

Module 2: 1 Day Intensive
You should be fully trained and confident on the road. Metropolis Training only offers this 1 day course for only the most experienced rider

Available weekdays only
Cost: £175.00  ( A1 ) 125 cc Licence including bike hire and test fee

Module 2: 2 Day Intensive

This is for less experienced riders or those who have recently passed their Module 1 with Metropolis Training
Cost: £330.00 ( A1) 125cc Licence including bike hire and test fee

Please note: In the unfortunate event that you fail the Module 2 test, you must wait 10 clear working days before re testing.

Both modules have to be taken on the same size and type of machine 125cc Max.

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