Track Days

Where can you ride no stop for 20 minutes without having to stop at Traffic lights?  No pedestrian crossings, No pedestrians! No cars! No Busses … Just Motorcycles all going in the same direction on a billiard smooth piece of Tarmac?

Join one of Metropolis Motorcycle Trainings Track days; explore the limits of your bike in a safe environment, find out just how fast you and your bike can go!

Brands Hatch (One of the World’s most famous circuits) is the closest circuit to London, it’s where we like to take our students for their first Track Day, with a combination of fast straights and the Druids Hairpin , Brands Hatch gives you every chance to hone you cornering limits and lean angles.

All Our Track days are conducted with MSVT (Motor Sport Vision)

When you come on our Track Days you will need a bike in good condition with plenty of tread on your tires a correctly adjusted chain and brakes with plenty of material on the pads and a full tank of petrol.

You will need a set of leathers, One piece or Zip together jacket and trousers, (the zip must go all the way around to the front), If you don’t have your own leathers MSVT  will hire you a one piece suite for £40. A Helmet with the Gold ACU sticker on and a good pair of leather gloves and boots are a must. A full UK Licence or EU Licence with Category A.

Track Days normally start at 08-30am, but it’s a good idea to get to the Circuit early. Metropolis Training will have a Garage booked for you, so once you’ve booked in, got your wrist band, a sticker for your bike( so the marshals know what group you’re in), it’s time to get noise tested. Brands Hatch has a noise limit of  105 db Static or 92 db Drive by, for further details and terms and conditions have a look at  bike track days.  You normally have 7 20 minute sessions so it’s a good work out for both you and the bike, it’s NOT a race !!, Track Days are a fun, it’s the place to improve you riding, learn more about your machines capabilities and ultimately the safest place to have one of the most enjoyable days with your bike.  MSVT have full qualified Track Day Instructors, you can book a 1-2-1 session with one them on the day.

Ready to book on? Just call or email Chris Spinks at Metropolis Training and he will do the rest for you.

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