The Piaggio Wi-Bike

The traffic in London can get tiring. Some people like to skip the queues with their bicycles but Piaggio have created something great with the intention of skipping the rush and skipping the fatigue. With the idea of a motor in mind, Piaggio set out to create a bicycle with a technology-aided core to assist it's users to navigate freely, whilst still retaining that fitness feel of cycling.

Incredible Detail

Built from a lightweight 100% aluminium frame, the Wi-Bike is designed with a sleek body-fitting frame in mind with multiple sizes available to suit. Sharp looks, quality materials and that solid feel you've come to expect from Piaggio, their experience really shows with the form of the Wi-Bike.

Available in a sportier look, the Active Plus or the more relaxed casual user, the Comfort Plus, you're able to find a look and feel to suit your ride. Whether a quick ride around the park or your daily commute through the busy city streets.

Built For The Ride

Looking for a nice feeling ride without the uncomfortable journey with most bicycles? The Wi-Bike takes the effort from the rider and gives back an exhilarating ride, filled with effortless riding and comfort. Whether part of your daily commute or your weekend ride-out, the feeling is relaxing and assistive, taking out the nuisance.

Configurable with accessories to suit your needs, you can take the effort out of your journey and just focus on the fun, easy ride.

Comfort In Mind

Some cycles don't quite fit right. From the stiff seat to the uncomfortable handlebars, the feeling just isn't right. Piaggio understand the human body and have done extensive research to ensure the Wi-Bike fits everyone perfectly. With the correct height, distance and seating position, the Wi-Bike can be ridden for hours without discomfort.

Lightweight, maneuverable and fun to ride. There's really nothing that beats the Wi-Bike.

Stay Connected

Today is all about the smartphone and staying connected and Wi-Bike is no different. With connectivity to an anti-theft system, remote location tracking and smartphone integrated app, the Wi-Bike is the first to do it all. Choose between 10 levels of assistance, 3 different riding modes and a fantastic fitness app.

Stay connected, keep your bicycle involved. 

Available in multiple colours